Earning Six Figures Annually without a College Degree

Earning a six figure income trading is equally attainable to any other career goal, with trading however there is no competition with another as there is when applying for work within a corporation. Moreover, no college degree or high school diploma is required.

If you can get yourself to take control of your brain and emotional states, you will succeed!

If you are willing to:

  • exercise consistent discipline
  • learn and master the basics
  • consistently manage your emotional state
  • embrace the fact that loss is inherent in trading as it is in life
  • cut losses quickly when you are wrong and learn from them
  • take profits along the way

and be content with small daily/weekly gains and profits over time versus the home run mentality, you will succeed long term.

Trading success as with all forms of life success starts and ends with Mastery of self.

To Your Success,

Kevin Michaels, Pro. Trading Coach

Winner’s Edge Stock Trading