I don’t know how this guy knew months in advance that the SPY would hit 300 post summer.  Well it did and I am glad I took his advice shorting the VXX and buying SPY CALLS.  I made over $35K on these combined trades.  He is truly the guy to have as your trading coach!

Jermaine T. , Cupertino, CA



“Kevin’s Live Trading service is the best on the web hands down.  Having spent $25K through a program in the South Bay called Online Trading Academy, and other programs over the last few years, Kevin’s insight and gift for trading will make your bank account grow very fast. It’s the best way to learn, more importantly, he’s a real gentleman who really cares about your success. “

Tim Fynch – San Francisco, CA


“Kevin’s coaching skills are superb. He has a great gift and I highly recommend him. I did $6K last month off four of his swing trades. It is truly as easy as he says when you follow and manage your trades as he teaches!”

Roger M.  Santa Barbara, CA


“Stock trading is no longer a complex and confusing way to generate daily income.  Kevin’s Winner’s Edge service is unmatched. His nightly emails, daily availability through text or phone and gift for day and swing trading has helped me move to working part time now that I am at the level of earning an additional $9K monthly. It’s an awesome feeling!”

Kyle P. San Francisco, CA


“Understanding algos and HFT is something I have never focused on until working with Kevin. He’s helped me break free from a ten year losing streak.”  

Mike Turner, Gilroy, CA


“I met Kevin through his meet up group and greatly enjoyed his talk. I have been working with him now for 2 months with no complaints. I’m doing about $2K on average weekly part time while working at a tech company in Menlo Park. He knows his stuff!”

Mike J. San Francisco, CA


“I’ve double the payment I made for Kevin’s 3-month stock trading program in 40 days having learned from scratch. He’s the real deal and he takes the time to answer his phone and will meet you in person any day of the week!”

Denise R. , San Jose, CA


“I’ve spent a lot of money on trading programs and promises. Kevin let me work with him at a discount to prove his worth due to losing money with other services.  He’s the go to for anyone looking for the real deal. It feels great to end my days net positive every single month.” 

Lisa S. Fremont, CA


“The class I took in San Mateo was insightful and fun. Kevin simplified options trading and I am now making money.”

Jennifer S. Menlo Park, CA



I met Kevin through a webinar he hosted and was quite impressed with his knowledge on personal growth and weight loss. I signed up for his 3-month coaching and it has been outstanding. Well worth the money.  Thanks!”

 Jacob P. Denver Colorado



Kevin helped me navigate through post 2009 market crash and taught me how to manage risk and maximize upside in volatility!”

 George A. San Francisco, CA